The 5 Basic Characteristics Of Wine

Private wine and dinner tours allow guests to experience a wide variety of wines along with complimentary food pairings. Before you go on your tour, it can be a good idea to know the main features of wine in order to best describe each one. Learn more about the following characteristics of wine.  Acidity  Every wine has a specific pH balance, which determines its acidity. Sweet red wines tend to have a lower pH balance than full-bodied red wines.

Oyster Characteristics And Food Service Prep Steps

A seafood restaurant may feature many popular oyster dishes. Learn how oyster varieties differ and acquire information about the preparation steps that are followed at the seafood restaurant that you will be ordering from. Regional Differences Oyster farming is an aquaculture process that involves raising and harvesting oysters in a controlled environment. The salinity and temperature of the water that oysters grow in will influence the size, taste, and texture of the mollusks.