Oyster Characteristics And Food Service Prep Steps

A seafood restaurant may feature many popular oyster dishes. Learn how oyster varieties differ and acquire information about the preparation steps that are followed at the seafood restaurant that you will be ordering from.

Regional Differences

Oyster farming is an aquaculture process that involves raising and harvesting oysters in a controlled environment. The salinity and temperature of the water that oysters grow in will influence the size, taste, and texture of the mollusks.

Oysters are naturally found in fresh water and ocean water. Colder climates slow down the growth of oysters. Warm bodies of water may promote growth. The condition of the water where oysters are harvested may influence whether an oyster tastes sweet and savory or salty.

Prep Steps

Oysters are often featured in a raw bar. Raw oysters may be served in their shells. Ordering raw oysters will require you to shuck each oyster and use a pick to remove the meat from the shell. Oysters can be steamed, baked, chargrilled, or fried. A restaurant's cooking staff may prepare a zesty topping or breading that is used to enhance the flavor of the oyster meat.

A restaurant may sell oyster products that use regional ingredients to enhance each mollusk. Cajun oysters may contain a hot sauce coating. Country-style oysters may have been dipped in a vegetable sauce or a hearty gravy. Some restaurants sell shucked oyster products that are served alongside a bed of lettuce, lemon wedges, and various condiments.

Your Order

When ordering oysters at a seafood restaurant, consider the number of people in your dining group. If each person will be enjoying oysters as an appetizer, order the same amount of oysters for each person. Ask your waiter for information about the origin of the oysters that are featured. The origin details will give you an idea of how a group of mollusks will taste.

If you are going to be consuming raw oysters or cooked oysters that haven't had any seasonings added to them, request that your waiter supplies you with lemon wedges and dipping sauces. If you decide to order an oyster sampler platter that features many cooking styles, you will be able to experience a wide range of flavors.

A sampler platter may include oysters that have undergone a diverse group of cooking processes. Pair your oysters with your favorite type of lager or wine. The beverage that you choose may complement the taste of each oyster. For more information, contact a company like Felix's Restaurant & Oyster Bar.