The 5 Basic Characteristics Of Wine

Private wine and dinner tours allow guests to experience a wide variety of wines along with complimentary food pairings. Before you go on your tour, it can be a good idea to know the main features of wine in order to best describe each one. Learn more about the following characteristics of wine. 


Every wine has a specific pH balance, which determines its acidity. Sweet red wines tend to have a lower pH balance than full-bodied red wines. You can taste acidity in wine by the tingling sensation you feel in your mouth. Wines with high acidity also tend to make your mouth more wet, producing more saliva. Highly acidic wines can balance acidity with sweetness. Fatty, salty foods also help balance out the acidity. 


Wine is an alcoholic beverage. Each wine has a percentage that indicates the amount of alcohol in the wine. The higher the alcohol content, the more quickly people will feel the impact of the alcohol. While most wines have an alcohol content between 11% - 13%, you may find wines with alcohol content as high as 20%. 


You've probably heard the phrase "full-bodied" when describing wines. However, what makes a full-bodied wine? A wine's body is the result of numerous factors. Fuller-bodied wines tend to leave a longer impression on the palette and make you feel full more quickly. Full-bodied wines pair well with hearty meals, such as steak. Light wines pair well with lighter meals, such as fish. 


Some wines are sweet, while other wines are bitter. The sweetness comes from the amount of sugar in the wine, which you'll be able to taste right away. It comes down to a matter of preference. Therefore, it's a good idea to know which wines are bitter and which and sweet to pick a wine you are sure to like. 


Tannins are compounds that make wine more bitter and create a drying effect. Tannins also help preserve wine. The tannins in red wine have also been known to have a positive impact on health. Since tannins add color to wine, you'll find more tannins in red wine than in white wine. Sweet red wines won't have tannins to balance the sweetness (or they add sugar to balance the tannins).  

You don't need to know much about wine to enjoy private wine and dine tours. Your guide will teach you plenty during your tour. Of course, it doesn't help to know a little something in advance. Reach out to a local service, such as Laces and Limos, to learn more.