Features That Are Really Nice To Have On An Industrial Sausage Linker

When you first go from stuffing sausage by hand to using any sort of industrial sausage linker, your first thoughts will be something along the lines of "this is so nice!" Any industrial linker makes the job of making sausage so much easier. However, you still don't want to just run out and buy the first linker you come across. The following are some features that will come in handy and that you'll really come to appreciate down the road.

Dual Linking Horns

There are some sausage linkers with just one linking horn and other models with two linking horns. Those with two linking horns only cost a little more, but they are a much better choice because they will speed up your production time. You can fill and load one horn system, and then once it is running, fill and load the other. You will never have downtime while neither linker is working. One will still be pumping out sausage while you are re-loading the other one. You might not be making large quantities of sausage right now, but if you ever think you may scale things up in the future, having dual linking horns will allow you to speed the process up significantly.

Casing Stretchers

Look for a machine that contains an apparatus that reaches into the casing and stretches it out before it starts pumping sausage into it. This one extra step will greatly reduce the number of burst casings you have. Pre-stretching the casing in this way makes it that much easier to stuff without bursting. This is not as important when you are using artificial casings, but it is an essential feature if you ever want to switch to more delicate sheep's casings.

Variable Diameter

Some lower-end sausage linkers only allow you to make sausages in a certain diameter, such as 20 mm. There are also models that have two or three different diameter options. Your best bet, however, is a machine that allows you to adjust the diameter of your sausage within a wide range. You can make narrow, 15 mm sausages, fat 30 mm sausages, or anything in between. This gives you more room to experiment with different recipes and setups.

Buying an industrial sausage linker is a big step! Make sure you buy one with the features above, and you'll be golden. Look for a company like Mainca USA Inc that provides sausage linker machines.