Expanding Birthday Party Sales Beyond Cakes: Three Fun Ideas For Bakeries

When it comes to sales for birthday goodies, cakes may be the first thing that come to mind. However, there are many other items that can be great for parties while providing easy ways to expand your sales. If your bakery does a brisk business in birthday cakes but you are looking for opportunities to make more money, consider these party-worthy ideas.

Cupcake And Cookie Decorating Kits

Parents are always looking for activities to keep young party guests busy. Creating cupcake and cookie decorating kits provide a fun and delicious activity to make any birthday boy or girl's day special. For this idea, you'll want to bake the basic cookies or cupcakes, leaving them plain and ready to decorate. Include plastic icing bags with different colors of frosting in each kit. You can also add novelty items, such as plastic toy rings, for kids to use as decorations. Offer a selection of different color families for icing and sprinkles so parents can choose the hues that best match their party theme.

Individually Wrapped Party Favors

Creating individually wrapped party favors for guests creates a perfect alternative to the traditional goody bag. Parents don't have to shop for tiny trinkets and candy to give away, and each guest gets a deliciously dainty dessert. Themed cookies, such as princess, ninja, and zoo animals, can be great for favors, but you can also prepare mini cupcakes, cake pops, and other tiny treats. Each item should be packed in a clear food-safe bag or a small bakery box to make it easy for the birthday boy or girl to hand out the treats. Be sure to include your bakery's name, logo, and address so other parents are inspired to shop with you for their children's parties.

Gourmet Cookie Platters

Of course, not all of your birthday cake customers will be buying for young children. It's a good idea to consider adults for your bakery's birthday menu. Gourmet cookie platters offer an upscale companion for a decadent cake. Consider macarons, profiterole, and madeleines for your spread. You can also create signature cookies for your bakery to make your platters stand out from the competition. You may want to match the cookie offerings to the type of birthday cake being ordered to create a cohesive flavor profile. The cookies should be individually wrapped if they are to be given away, but they can also be simply placed on a large tray if they are for a buffet. Ask your customers ahead of time to make sure the treats arrive as expected.