5 Spanish Dishes That Work Well For Takeout

Spanish cuisine is absolutely delicious. The dishes tend to be simple, yet made with ingredients that have a lot of depth and pair together really well. If you come across a Spanish restaurant offering takeout, you should definitely place an order! Here are some of the top Spanish dishes that hold up well in a takeout setting.

Pimientos de Padron

Pimentos de Padron are often served as an appetizer or tapa, and they are a great choice if you're ordering takeout for a group since everybody can just grab one with their fingers. Basically, these are a specific type of pepper that is seasoned, salted, and fried. The result is a pepper that's sweet, a bit spicy, and so tender.


In Spain, tortilla is not a flat piece of bread. Instead, it is a dish made with potatoes and egg. Sometimes other ingredients, like chorizo, are also added — but if you don't see this mentioned on the menu, you can just assume the tortilla consists of egg and potato. If you order tortilla at a takeout restaurant, you will usually get one round tortilla cut into pizza-slice-shaped wedges. It's great for sharing, and it's more filling than it looks.


This is a good dish to order when it's cold out, as it is basically a pork and bean stew. The Spanish mostly use fabe beans to make it, though you may see some other bean varieties used in the U.S. The main meat used in blood sausage, which gives the stew a very dark color. You'll also find some chorizo and pork belly added for extra flavor.


Fideua is a unique Spanish pasta dish. Many people mistake it for being rice since it is made with tiny vermicelli pasta. Various seafood may be added depending on the chef's preferences. In Spain, it is really common to use prawns, but sometimes the dish is made with clams, mussels, or even scallops in the United States. The dish is usually made in large batches and then fried quickly again to reheat and give it some crispiness.

If you have a Spanish takeout restaurant in your area, the above dishes are some of the first you should order. Some other Spanish dishes, like croquetas and churros, are also delicious, but since they are fried and tend to lose their crispiness in the box, they are not as well-suited to takeout.

For more information, contact a Spanish food takeout restaurant in your area.