Is Your Community Planning A Fourth Of July Celebration?

Do you live in a community that has celebrations during the entire year? For example, maybe you have an Easter egg hunt that is already planned and ready to execute. You might even have an end-of-the-year swimming party to celebrate the arrival of summer vacations. Is your community also planning a Fourth of July celebration? If so, are you on the homeowners association committee that will be planning the event? From arranging for bulk water delivery service to planning different activities, here are some ideas that might help you.

First On The List: Bulk Water Delivery

Consider how many individuals will be coming to your community Fourth of July celebration. It might be mind-boggling. For example, those who live in your community might also be bringing out-of-town house guests to the event. July equals hot days, right? With those considerations in mind, consider making arrangements for bulk water delivery service from a company such as Dean's Waterservice Inc.

The agent at the business that will provide the water delivery will have the experience to know how many water bottles you will need for a crowd as large as the one you'll have. Besides individual water bottles, consider having stations where large water bottles will be served in disposable cups. 

Will you be renting portable toilets for the event? If so, consider having tables in the same vicinity so that folks can grab a drink of water to and from their trip to the portable toilets. 

As you plan your Fourth of July celebration, consider the expense of bulk water delivery. You'll probably be surprised at how affordable it is. In addition, it sure will be a lot more convenient for the water to be delivered than for somebody on the committee to have that responsibility, won't it?

Next On The List: Fun Activities

Without the water delivery, none of the activities would be thoroughly enjoyed, right? Once somebody on your committee has arranged for the water delivery, you can focus on the fun part of your event. For example, will there be a parade? Even decorated tricycles and bicycles and families carrying American flags will make up a great parade. If anybody in your community has a vintage car, consider asking them to be a part of the parade.

Think of going with old-fashioned games. For example, three-legged races, tug-of-war, and potato sack races would probably delight people of all ages. Water balloon fight might be fun, too.