Reasons To Offer A Sit-Down Meal After A Funeral Service

When it comes to planning a funeral for a recently deceased loved one, you'll often need to give some consideration to catering the event. For many people, funeral catering involves sandwiches and other foods that are easy to eat while standing up during a reception following the service. However, this approach isn't the only one to consider. Another avenue to explore is having a sit-down meal; such an event doesn't need to be overly formal, and can suit the style of the funeral service. For example, if you're going for a celebration of life service, large, circular tables can be ideal for people who can sit together and share memories. Here are some reasons to consider a sit-down meal after a funeral service.

It's Ideal For Elderly Attendees

Funeral services often have large numbers of senior citizens in attendance. This is especially true if the person who has passed away was elderly. For elderly attendees, standing up to eat can be difficult — even more so for people who may walk with canes or otherwise have trouble with their stability. With a catered sit-down meal, these people will find that it's much easier to enjoy the post-service refreshments.

It Gives The Family A Break

One of the challenges of catering the funeral with sandwiches and other foods that people can eat while standing is that attendees will often flock to the immediate family members of the deceased to offer their condolences. While this process can be helpful, it can also result in a scenario in which the family struggles to eat because people are constantly approaching. When you have a catering service provide a sit-down meal, this can be easier on the family because people are unlikely to get up in the middle of the meal and visit the family's table to talk.

It's Kind For Those Who Are Traveling

At many funerals, there will be a considerable number of attendees who are traveling a fair distance to attend. In some situations, people will drive several hours to attend the funeral and then turn around and drive home. When you offer a sit-down meal, you're giving these attendees not only some sustenance, but also an opportunity to relax for a bit before getting back on the road. It's often nice to think about what support you can give to the attendees, as their attendance is all about giving support to you. Speak to a local catering service like Urban's to discuss the options for a sit-down meal.