Where To Say "I Do"

Once you've found the person that you want to spend the rest of your life with, one of the most difficult decisions can be choosing where your wedding should take place. Though this is a huge factor in planning your wedding, it should not be one that causes additional stress. Below are some things that you should consider when searching for the perfect place to say "I do."

Who's Invited?

A very important factor to look at when deciding on a venue is your guest list.  Make sure to only look at places that can comfortably accommodate everyone that you want to share the special day with. Most venues will request that they have an estimate of how many guests will be attending several weeks in advance. Generally, about 72 hours before the event, you should be able to provide an exact head count. Be sure to contact any guests that have not RSVP'd so that you don't incur additional charges if more people show up than expected.

You should also consider the mobility of your guests. While beach weddings can be beautiful, the sand can make it difficult for older guests or those confined to a wheelchair to get to.

Location, Location, Location

Some couples prefer to get married in a location that is close to the hometown of either the bride or groom, while others want to do so in a destination that is far from home.  Keep in mind that the location of the event may significantly affect whether your guests are able to make it or not. You should also ensure that the time and date of your wedding do not cause guests to get stuck in traffic on the way to your event. This may not be an issue for all events, but if a venue is located in a very busy area, be sure to avoid peak traffic times.  This will ensure that your guests make it to your wedding on time and are not in a foul mood because of heavy traffic.

Weather or Not

If you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding, keep in mind that Mother Nature may not cooperate. If you're planning a summer wedding, it may simply be too hot for your wedding to take place outdoors. If the heat is not an issue, make sure that you do not face your guests toward the sun. This will not only make them uncomfortable, but it can become nearly impossible for them to see your ceremony. Ensure that outdoor venues have an indoor option so that if it begins to rain, you will have a Plan B. If it does begin to rain on your big day, don't panic because it's said to bring good luck to the couple!

Wine and Dine

Another important part of choosing your venue is food. Many venues provide catering options and will require that you utilize their services. This will take a huge portion of your wedding budget, so you will want to ensure that the food is of good quality. If you are not restricted to using the services that the venue offers, recruit one of your favorite catering businesses to do the honors. If having alcohol is important to you, make sure that it is allowed at the venue as it can get both you and the venue in big trouble if they are not properly licensed.

Though it can be a grueling process to pick a wedding venue, you should remember that, even if everything is not exactly how you pictured it, you will still be marrying your best friend and the day will be perfect! For more information, contact a company like McHale's Events & Catering.